These downloads are for customers who have already obtained a serial number. A serial number is required to install and activate the software. To request a trial version of the solidThinking suite, please Click Here.

HyperWorks Users: Please use serial number 414T9554321N when downloading 9.5 installer packages.

Altair Engineering Inc. and its subsidiaries and affiliates, reserve the right to embed software security mechanisms in the Software for the purpose of detecting the installation and/or use of illegal copies of the Software. The Software may collect and transmit non-proprietary data about those illegal copies. Data collected will not include any customer data created by or used in connection with the Software and will not be provided to any third party, except as may be required by law or legal process or to enforce our rights with respect to the use of any illegal copies of the Software. By using the Software, you consent to such detection and collection of data, as well as its transmission and use if an illegal copy of the Software is detected. You may not take any steps to avoid or detect the purpose of any such security mechanisms.