Concept Design & Simulation 

for Stronger, More Efficient Designs

The time for Simulation-driven Design is now! Simulation is no longer being used to simply validate and analyze performance in the final phase of the design process. In order to stay competitive while pushing the envelope on innovation, simulation must drive the entire design process from the early concept design phase all the way to production. Leveraging robust simulation using tools like Inspire early and often has become a necessary driver to innovation and is helping numerous industry-leading companies to meet quality, cost, and time to market targets.

Inspire SimLab sT
Concept Design & Simulation


Rapidly assemble and simulate dynamic mechanical systems to automatically resolve loads on system components for optimization and analysis.


Generate weight-efficient design proposals unique to specified conventional or additive manufacturing processes with Altair's industry-leading topology optimization technology.


Simulate the performance of competing design concepts for static loads, normal modes and buckling.

Simulation Driven Design
Inspire, the industry's most powerful and easy-to-use Generative Design/Topology Optimization and rapid simulation solution for design engineers empowers its users by creating and investigating structurally efficient concepts quickly and easily. This can lead to reduced costs, development time, material consumption, and product weight.

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