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This is where Altair Compose can help enable you to efficiently perform numerical computations, develop algorithms, analyze & visualize various types of data.

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Signal Processing

Remove noise from signal data using in-built functions with Altair Compose

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CAE Test Data

Import various types of CAE or test data for visualization and/or manipulation in Altair Compose

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Curve Fitting

Fit an optimized curve through imported test data with Altair Compose

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Plot Types

2D and 3D plots in Altair Compose - plot, scatter, plot3, surf, contour, contour3, waterfall, polar, semilog, loglog, area, bar

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Operators in Altair Compose - Matrix multiplication, division, transpose, power; relational and logical operations; bitwise operations; set operations

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Basic Plot Commands

Basic plot commands in Altair Compose - plot, subplot, grid and linewidth.

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Defining Functions

Defining Functions in Altair Compose - variable length argument lists; use of nargin, nargout, varargin, global, and feval

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Data Types

Data Types in Altair Compose - Complex, Double, Strings, Structures, Cell Arrays

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Creating/running scripts

Introduction to creating and running scripts

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Tools for evaluating and debugging scripts

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Activate e-Mobility Series

This series discusses various aspects of system modeling for e-Mobility studies from overall performance simulations including fuel economy, to model refinements for electric engines and/or vehicle dynamics.

Fuel economy simulations
Activate model of a series-parallel hybrid electric vehicle powertrain to evaluate fuel economy and system performance.

Increasing fidelity of vehicle dynamics models
Activate models of a series-parallel hybrid electric vehicle powertrain coupled with CarSim via the Functional Mock-up Interface.

Increasing fidelity of electric engine models
Comparison of 3 different engine models for an HEV vehicle: Park equations, full 3D Flux model, table method; later one generated by Flux2D.

PMSM simple speed control
Activate model of a permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) with vector control for speed or torque.

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Innovate Philippines' AEC Landscape with Inspire

Tony Pimentel from Pimentel & Associates is innovating the Philippines Architecture, Engineering and Construction landscape with Inspire.

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Development of a New Lightweight Aluminum Profile for a Glass Balustrade

Gabriele Romagnoli, Head of Structural Engineering at Farone, presents at Converge 2017 in Essen, Germany.

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Simulation Driven Design in the Cloud

Chad Zamler, Marketing Director of solidThinking, presents at Converge 2017 in Essen, Germany.

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Development of a New Lightweight Aluminum Profile for a Glass Balustrade

The design of architectural components such as a balustrade can be challenging, since the design does not only have to look good, it also has to meet several safety requirements and standards. In addition, all designs have to be developed within the shortest time possible. To meet these challenges the engineers, architects and designers at Faraone are always looking for solutions that can reduce their design and testing cycles.


Altair Activate™ and CarSim FMI Tutorial Video

This short tutorial introduces the Functional Mockup Interface and how to use Activate and CarSim for co-simulation for coupled systems analysis.


3D Systems Skateboard Case Study

3D Systems utilized a process incorporating solidThinking Inspire to generate the ideal skateboard deck and truck material layout for a unique design now displayed at the Cooper Hewitt – Smithsonian Design Museum.


Nelson Mandela University: Designing a Winning Eco-Car

Martin Badenhorst, Masters Student at Nelson Mandela University, Port Elizabeth, South Africa, shares how he managed to reduce the weight of their eco-car by 20%.

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