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Efficient Design for Additive Manufacturing

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Leverage The Power of Simulation-driven Design The time for simulation-driven design is now! In order to stay competitive while pushing the envelope on innovation, simulation must drive the entire design process from the early concept design phase all the way to production. Leveraging solidThinking's robust solution set for model-based development, concept design and manufacturing simulation early and often has become a key driver to innovation and is helping numerous industry-leading companies to meet quality, cost and time to market targets.

Model-Based Development

Math and system design software for multidisciplinary product development.

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Concept Design & Simulation

Create and investigate structurally efficient concepts quickly and easily.

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3D Industrial Design

The ultimate hybrid modeling and rendering system.

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Manufacturing Simulation

Fast, easy, accurate and affordable manufacturing simulation software

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Our Solutions for

  • Academia

    Our offering includes learning solutions for model-based development, concept design, analysis and manufacturing simulation that are easy to learn, teach and use!

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  • Startups and Entrepreneurs

    Our unique startup and entrepreneur program offers software, training and consulting to you at deep discounts.

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  • SMB to Large Enterprise

    The solidThinking platform offers a broad range of software solutions to SMBs and Large industries across multiple disciplines and industries.

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Customer Story: Mabe

See how Mabe Improved machine performance by simulating subsystem interactions using Altair Activate™

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Customer Story: Cyclone Racing

See how Cyclone Racing reduced their rear-wing package weight by up to 7 pounds.

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Big Metal Printing – Realising the Potential of Additive Manufacturing

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